Karen-Barker2Living in the Canadian Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Karen enjoys her life as a Manual therapist, writer, mentor, actress and mother. She draws on the beauty and experiences around her to teach others the art of peace and balance in their lives.

Author of “Universal Stretches”, “Spiritual Stretches”, “The Wave of Change, 2012”, “The Joy of Being” and an e-booklet “Gems for Healthy Living” she shares her growth through adversity to help inspire others. Karen spearheaded “Spotlight on Health” which featured fun and “easy to read” weekly health articles in the local newspaper for 3 years. The focus was to unite the community and educate in an user friendly way.

Spiritual Stretches by Karen BarkerKaren has put her energy into education and empowering her clients in the choice of complementary health care. She is an explorer when it comes to her own health issues and shares on her “You Tube” channel some cutting edge and ancient modalities. “Spiritual Stretches 7 minute workout”, is a light fun video Karen created which explores the power of positive thought, vocalization and movement. In an easy 7 minutes. Helpful guided visualizations are also there as a “Healing Within” Series.

“Finding Rainbows” is a witty collaboration with Manchester artist Gary Donald. It is a colorful guide to a successful hip replacement. It explores the power of the mind in the 3 stages of pre-op, hospital stay and post-op. My intention was to share with clients my personal journey, abating the fear factor of extensive surgery.

“Transformations”,Scars grace by Art is a recent art project exploring the healing journeys for 4 individuals who have undergone physical adversity and turned it into a forum of creative expression.

In 2006, her daughter survived a suicide attempt. Karen wrote “The Joy of Being” in 2007 with compassion for other individuals affected with this life changing event.

Her blog “Inspiring Health in the Human Spirit” features “We survive this ride together”, which she wrote at the 10 year anniversary of her daughter’s attempt.

Karen has been in private practice as a manual therapist since 1990. In 1991 she discovered renowned French osteopath, Dr. Jean Pierre Barral. His research has influenced the Manual therapy world. Integrating his advanced cranial sacral, visceral and neural techniques has made her work unique and effective deepening her understanding of the brain and emotional imbalances.

For more info please visit www.karenbarker.ca